Troy Fleet Managment​

Fleet managment ready to integrate with your own system enables you to assing otders to driver with mobile app for drivers.

  1. Vehicle Tracking: Real-time GPS tracking to monitor the location of each vehicle in the fleet.
  2. Route Optimization: Automatic route planning and optimization to minimize fuel consumption and travel time.
  3. Driver Management: Driver information, performance tracking, and safety analytics to improve driver behavior.
  4. Geofencing: Setting up virtual boundaries to trigger alerts when vehicles enter or exit specific locations.
  5. Reporting and Analytics: Generating comprehensive reports on vehicle performance, expenses, and overall fleet efficiency.
  6. Electronic Logging Devices (ELD): Compliance with regulations for Hours of Service (HOS) and driver duty status.
  7. Mobile App: An app for drivers to access route information, vehicle status, and communicate with dispatch.
  8. Cost Analysis: Tools to analyze overall fleet costs and identify areas for cost reduction.
  9. Dispatch Management: Efficient dispatching of vehicles and resources to optimize operations.
  10. API Integration: Easy integration with other business systems and third-party software.
  11. Customizable Dashboards: User-friendly dashboards that can be tailored to display relevant data and key performance indicators (KPIs).